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Old rusty pipe connects industrial chemical plant

With a focus on corrosion prevention of valuable assets, our NACE Institute-certified experts represent one of the largest engineering and consulting teams dedicated to corrosion, integrity management, and metallurgy in the United States.

We are committed to helping to ensure the safe operation and longevity of critical infrastructure in gas & oil, water & wastewater, solar power, and transit segments. Our dedicated corrosion control and cathodic protection experts provide services that include:

  • Corrosion surveys
  • Pipe condition, wall loss, and coating assessments
  • Corrosion control design services
    • Environmental analysis
    • Material selection and evaluation
    • Coating selection and evaluation
    • Preliminary cathodic protection criteria evaluation
    • Cathodic protection design
    • AC corrosion control design
  • Corrosion monitoring services
  • Geospatial solutions
  • Metallurgy and applied mechanics
  • Soil and water testing
  • AC and DC stray current mitigation
  • Field surveys and trouble-shooting
  • Training

One of our core areas of focus is the oil & gas segment. As such, we have a thorough understanding of the federal, state, and local regulations affecting this industry. We use this knowledge to help ensure that operation and maintenance of our clients’ assets are in compliance with all relevant regulations.

Our expertise in corrosion controls and cathodic protection is supported by our field services team members, who oftentimes augment customer data with information and data collected in the field on behalf of our customers. We then apply this data to robust analysis, in turn making cogent recommendations for our clients in regard to corrosion control and cathodic protection measures.

Our oil & gas pipeline corrosion control & cathodic protection expertise translates to the integrity of water and wastewater pipelines where our engineers work with clients to help eliminate pipeline failures and extend operating life. We offer extensive evaluation services on the condition of all forms of water and water pipelines.

Transmission line asset management and performance assessment are critical to extending the lifespan of structures for electrical utilities and preventing transmission system downtime. Our subject matter experts conduct a careful evaluation of the unique anode bed designs required for each structure based on its geometry, soil resistivity, material, and other critical factors in order to ensure that highly effective cathodic protection systems are implemented or updated. The goal is to provide maximum risk mitigation and performance out of these line structures for years to come!

For customers in the alternative energy segment, we offer particular expertise in custom corrosion control design methods for solar and wind equipment deployments, coating reviews and specifications, corrosion rate measurements, and field and soil analysis.

Our understanding of stray current occurrences is also easily applied to the rail transit segment. We provide corrosion control and cathodic protection engineering services for transit vehicles, elevated track structures, tunnels, utility piping, elevators, and station facilities.

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