Self-Optimized Grid Improvement


Recloser Design for Self-Healing Networks


Cincinnati, Ohio


One of the largest electric power holding companies in the U.S. is undertaking an initiative to upgrade systems across their service area to implement Smart Grid technology. They are building self-healing networks to help isolate outages and reinstate power more quickly for customers who are outside of the problem area. They enlisted EN Engineering to design reclosers to replace manual switches on the networks.


Once in the field, the team encountered constructability issues between the master plan and a few of the construction locations.


After the client identified locations on their network for recloser placements, the EN Engineering team inspected the pole locations to determine their accessibility, condition, and clearance. They worked with the client to resolve location issues for several poles and recommended alternative locations. To resolve constructability issues, the team identified problematic poles, provided the client with options for more optimal locations, and successfully relocated the poles. Finally, the team developed construction drawings and estimates for labor and materials for each recloser.

Over the next two years, EN Engineering will design more than 200 reclosers in the Cincinnati region. The team effectively manages the demanding workflow and communication with the client by maintaining a detailed spreadsheet and sharing it with the client weekly. The EN Engineering team’s knowledge and experience with Smart Grid technology contributed to the success of the project and has led to expansion in other regions of the country. EN Engineering is now providing recloser design services for the client’s North Carolina service areas.

The EN Engineering team’s knowledge and experience with Smart Grid technology contributed to the success of the project.”

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