Rail Rack Automation Upgrade Enhances Capabilities


HUG Rail Rack Expansion




Our client needed to expand a rail rack with six compressors for loading and unloading a new 26 railcar rack. In addition, they required a new valve manifold and four additional control valves.


EN Engineering’s automation team was tasked with creating a new single AB PLC program that would incorporate six new compressors with individual AB PLCs. The single PLC program included logic for four shutdown valves, four control valves, two fin fans, an ESD circuit with multiple push buttons, multiple transmitters for monitoring pressure and temperature, additional I/O points, and communication logic for communicating to the six compressor skid PLCs.


The EN Engineering team developed the PLC panel design and oversaw building and evaluation. A new redundant mercaptan system was installed and added to an existing PLC, along with a pump for injecting methanol. All the information was brought back into the existing control room InTouch HMI program, where it could be monitored and controlled by the operator. The team created a new PLC program, modified an existing PLC program and an HMI application, developed communication to the mercaptan system, and created PLC panel drawings and loop folders for checkout. The client is now able to bring in a 90-car unit train and unload residual vapors from the railcars if they are already empty, or unload the product if they are full.

EN Engineering’s automation team was tasked with creating a new single AB PLC program that would incorporate six new compressors with individual AB PLCs.

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