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Project Description


Plant Expansion – Petroleum Product Packaging



A petroleum product packaging client requested a plant expansion, impacting 62,000 square feet of their existing property. The total area impacted required demolition of existing assets, grading reconstruction, underground piping modifications, and the installation of three new buildings. The buildings included a pallet storage building (8,000 sf) with a mezzanine and underhung crane, a 3,800 square-foot canopy area, and a production plant expansion (12,800 sf) with loading docks.


The client’s property is landlocked and congested with truck traffic, which necessitated a design to accommodate construction in phases. The property drainage was dependent upon underground infrastructure at the adjacent property, which required coordination in the design and construction. The design of the production plant expansion required intense coordination with the building vendor and contractor. There were multiple issues with marrying the new building to the existing that required extraordinary engineering considerations.


An EN Engineering team was dedicated to the project, with a Senior Project Manager as the single point of contact, a request made by the client. Initially EN Engineering subcontracted with a geotechnical firm to verify the site conditions, and completed a 3D scan of the site. EN Engineering worked with plant operations to develop a feasible plan for the phasing of construction. In coordination with a pre-engineered building vendor, EN Engineering developed a detailed design package for the complete plant expansion. The project, which tallied more than 2,000 man hours, was efficiently supported by staff from EN Engineering offices in League City, TX and Catlettsburg, KY.

“The design of the production plant expansion required intense coordination with the building vendor and construction in phases.”