Project Description


Evaluation and Installation of Stormwater Management System



Haverhill, Ohio


The client, a chemical processing company, retained EN Engineering to evaluate a poorly performing stormwater collection system and develop a solution.


The facility owned a stormwater collection system that was not providing effective stormwater management. The existing cast iron piping was degraded via the existence of corrosive chemicals. The suspected corrosion was confirmed with remote imaging that traversed the system recording images of the route. The client desired a new collection system that would resist corrosive chemicals and that could be installed with very limited operational disturbances.


EN Engineering was retained to analyze and evaluate the problem and develop a solution.  The corrosive chemicals were analyzed, and the stormwater runoff was calculated for the affected area. To begin the design, EN Engineering surveyed the existing trenches, cleanouts, and manholes in an effort to map the existing system. In addition, the client provided various underground drawings of the process units to further determine clearances and elevations of the new system. The information was compiled to produce design drawings and specifications for the installation of the new system. New trenches and collection points were determined and designed into the new system to address drainage issues around operating equipment. EN Engineering also solicited local vendors for material pricing and assisted in contractor selection. A construction project manager from EN Engineering was retained to oversee the demolition of the existing system and installation of the new system.

The new design utilized a high-density polyethylene collection system to replace the existing cast iron collection system that had been degraded by corrosive chemicals. It was installed through two process units within the facility with no production outages. The new system, which meets regulatory compliance for stormwater management, resulted in improved stormwater collection and disposal for the client.

The new system resulted in improved stormwater collection and disposal for the client.