Design, Demolition, and Installation of Replacement Flare Stacks


Design, Demolition, and Installation of Replacement Flare Stacks




Our client requested a detailed engineering design package for the installation of replacement flare stacks for two vessels for their steel manufacturing plant.


The client had two, 20-year-old flare stacks with internal corrosion from the process environment, and the stacks had begun to lean. A temporary solution was needed to enable continued operation until the flare stacks could be replaced. The client also requested a full-service solution for the design and off-site fabrication of flare stacks for two vessels. In addition, the client requested a plan for demolition and installation of the new stacks and on-site supervision of the project.


EN Engineering provided detailed design for temporary support for the existing stacks, allowing them to remain in operation until new stacks could be designed, constructed, and installed. EN Engineering also prepared a detailed engineering design package for the installation of the two replacement flare stacks. As a benefit to the client, the new stacks were redesigned with silencers, which were relocated to the roof to grant easier maintenance access. New platforms were designed to aid in access to flow control and flare equipment. The EN Engineering team provided 24/7 staffing to supervise both demolition and installation. The stack replacement was completed on schedule and under budget with no safety incidents.

“The engineering was under budget and on schedule. The quality was excellent. Everything fit just right, and there was no rework.” – Client Project Manager

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