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EN Engineering has extensive operational and design experience working with major electric utilities and telecommunications firms with specialization in system expansion and reinforcement, repair, and infrastructure modernization projects.

Our knowledge of electric power systems ranges from utility-scale bulk power EHV transmission systems, to medium- and low-voltage industrial and commercial power systems. We are well-versed in how these systems are planned, engineered, built, and operated, and can apply this breadth of experience to provide comprehensive solutions that incorporate industry best practices to ensure reliability, operability, and longevity.

We specialize in providing design and support services to help deliver safe and reliable solutions for distribution, transmission, and substation projects. We can also address client needs relating to electrical and control/protection system upgrades; integration of renewable energy and battery storage systems; power system studies; NERC compliance; and smart grid integration.

For pipeline, refinery, and industrial clients, we offer substation design and power distribution system services. From feasibility studies to detailed design and project management, through construction support, EN Engineering is a trusted provider of engineering services to the electric utility and telecommunications industries.

Our services include:

Power Utility Distribution

  • Overhead/underground distribution system design
  • AC network system design
  • Distribution automation implementation and expansion
  • Damage assessment and repair planning
  • Capacity expansion and system reinforcement
  • Facility relocations/public improvement
  • Permit application services
  • Targeted transformer replacement
  • Construction cost estimating
  • Generator and renewable resource interconnection design


  • Electrical, civil, and structural design
  • Safety & standards analysis and application
  • Bus configuration analysis and design
  • AC and DC ancillary system design
  • Major equipment design and application
  • Site development and grounding design
  • Lightning protection design
  • Relay and control system configuration


  • Overhead and underground transmission engineering
  • Submarine cable engineering and application
  • Preliminary engineering and technical studies
  • Generator interconnection engineering, design, and host utility coordination
  • Analysis of technical feasibility and constructability
  • Site/route investigation and evaluation
  • Economic evaluation of alternate projects
  • System performance optimization
  • Root cause failure analysis

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