Oil tank at night

EN Engineering has considerable experience in supporting customers representing crude oil, condensates, refined products, biofuels, NGLs, CO2, and LNG facilities.

This experience is enhanced by an in-depth knowledge of codes, specifications, and best practices relating to oil & liquids production, storage, and transportation. Our professional engineering consultants provide a range of services from initial project development and FEED studies, to detailed design and construction support. Whether we are supporting existing operations with modification of facilities or designing grass roots facilities, we provide system planning, engineering design, program development, corrosion control & cathodic protection, and system risk assessment services to ensure safe and reliable energy deliverability.

We encompass a wide range of design activities including the development of conceptual flow diagrams, the creation of highly detailed construction and isometric drawings, and the creation of as-built documentation.

Oil & gas customers in the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors are also supported by our integrity management and metallurgy experts who provide consulting services ranging from risk assessment and management to material selection and maintenance.

EN Engineering also has years of experience providing electrical solutions for oil and liquids pipeline clients. Our oil & liquids clients benefit from our expertise in design of electrical, instrumentation, communications, and other related electrical systems.

Our key focus includes the following:

  • Pipelines
  • Pipeline terminals
  • Trucking and marine terminals
  • Metering facilities
  • Butane blending
  • Pump stations

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