Thermal power plant chimney over lakes Savica in Zagreb, Croatia, nature pollution

EN Engineering offers a full line of environmental services that support regulatory compliance, advance environmental safety, strengthen public relations, and reduce future costs for clients.

Our environmental services include regulatory compliance, ecosystem management, assessment, and land development.

With decades of operational and project experience, our environmental professionals provide expertise in engineering, hydrogeology, environmental science, and landscape architecture.

We assist clients with planning and permitting, reporting requirements, ecological restoration, natural resources, wetland delineation, erosion and sediment control, due diligence and facility inspections. In addition, we support new developments or plant expansions with land clearance and site preparation services. We also support industrial facilities with water and wastewater studies, and provide NEPA studies, including corridor assessments and public involvement, for pipeline companies.

Our environmental and related services include:

  • Assessments
  • Ecosystem management
  • Industrial services
  • Land development
  • NEPA studies
  • Regulatory compliance

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